Candle Magic For Beginners
by Richard Webster
Published by Llewellyn Worldwide


Candle Magic - The author of this book says "Candle Magic can be as simple or involved as you wish."  And although he calls this a beginner's guide, it's not.  Beginners will most certainly understand its clear style and easy tone, but it's jammed with the most incredible volume of information.  Far more than most "beginner" guides this reviewer has read. 

From Element and Sign tables from the past to the future, to magical alphabets, candle rituals for all end, divinations, how to make your own candles and everything in between, this book fills the practitioner with a sense of having learned much.

Webster talks about timing, color, how to prepare and what to include. His rituals flow and are simple to absorb and work with.  He includes a section on how to achieve goals, which in my mind was a thoughtful inclusion.  Many forget that we can spell to help us see our path to our goals clearly.  We forget to include this in our rituals.  

"People have always been fascinated with fire, and it still plays a major role in ceremonies of all sorts. There is comforting, uplifting and hypnotic about a flickering, dancing flame, which makes it easy to see how candles came to be used for magic."    Webster - Candle Magic

Make your wishes come true with this practical and nondenominational guide to simple yet fulfilling candle magic. It's entertaining beat and move-forward attitude will help the new practitioner to stay focused and in control.  Bringing in color, fragrance, numerology, Webster explains the impact of these and other factors on spells and ritual. 

Richard Webster (New Zealand) is a hypnotherapist and teacher who travels around the world lecturing and conducting workshops on metaphysical subjects.  He is the author of more than thirty books published by Llewellyn.

Copyright - J.J.Thompson


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