Full Contact Magick
By Kerr Cuhulain
Published by Llewellyn Worldwide

Full Contact Magick is a book for the active magickian. It is a workbook for building your book of shadows. Its design is made to work with the Wiccan Warrior. Some may find those two terms in direct conflict with each other, but after reading Cuhulainís book you will understand the compatibility the words have. His research and references give the reader much to call upon that are familiar and easy to understand. Yet the book is not so fundamental that it is intended only for the beginner. Experienced practitioners can gain valuable insight into the world of those that live a truly diametrically opposed life. Cuhulain gives vast examples and life experiences that demonstrate how being a law enforcement agent and a Wiccan can co-exist both ethically and in balance.

Cuhulainís understanding of magickal principals and basics gives him a solid foundation to draw from. His definitions are concise while his concepts and ideas are worked into the material in a way that makes them easy to follow. Full Contact Magick is a book of active participation not one of passive influence. It is a guidebook for making your personal spell book or book of shadows. The exercises are such that you find yourself creating before you realize what you have done and amazed with the outcome.

Be prepared to discover yourself in a whole new way. Full Contact Magick will open new doors and reveal uncharted areas that you have left untapped. To quote what I felt were the six most important lines in the Warriorís Admonition by Kerr Cuhulain, "Help thyself. Know thyself. Teach thyself. Honor thyself. Master thyself. Create your own reality." They sum up what this book is truly about.

[pp. 272]


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