Meditation - Your Route To Peace
By Kenny Lindsay

A few years ago if someone had asked me whether or not I would consider using meditation as part of my daily routine I would have laughed. Who was I to need meditation? After all I had TV Programmes to watch, Playstations to play, Music to listen to, Magazines to read, Friends to chatter with and everything else under the sun. I didn't need meditation. Or so I thought. At that time I looked upon meditation as something cranky, something that perhaps took place at a commune or some other barren location. No, I live in the modern world with loads of gadgets and gizmos, why on earth would I even consider trying something as ludicrous as closing my eyes and just relaxing. Well, that was my previous viewpoint and one that I held until I reached a point when things weren't going to well in my life and I needed a solution.

At this point in time I had begun to ask some serious questions about my life. I had entered the phase that I now like to call " The Searching Phase". I started to read some Personal Development books and listened to a couple of tapes. These showed me techniques and solutions that I could implement in my life to get it going in the direction that I wanted it to. However, there was still an absence of peace. It was not until my mum gave me a Meditation CD that I began to feel a sense of peace and happiness about my life.

I can still remember my first meditation. I started listening to the soothing music and imagined the glorious white light filling my body and radiating peace and healing. I felt a numbness, a sort of immunity to any bad feelings and a magical tingling feel all over my skin. I was no longer attached to the material world and its limitations and felt at one with my spirit. I experienced more relaxation, sense of belonging and peace in my soul than in any other time in my life.

If for any reason at all you are experiencing stress, anxiety, worry, fear, over-whelment you must meditate. This is the cure, the path, the way to peace. When you start your life will change in ways beyond what you could possibly have imagined.


Kenny Lindsay is an expert in the field of personal development. In the past few years he has read hundreds of books and listened to dozens of tapes on the subject. He is passionate about self-growth and runs his own self-development website which has lots of great free information and tips. It can be found at nomountaintoohigh.blogspot.com


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