Moon Sign Dreamers

You are a confident dreamer. Your Dreams are of success, conquests and productive endeavors of which you take the bows. Success and riches are what you fantasize about.

You dream about chivalry, romance and love. You dream about how the cycle of love is supposed to be and the roses and champagne that is always a part of the picture. Your fantasy is to find someone who shares the same views on romance and love as you.

You dream about playful things. You have a slight problem acting your age, but this doesn't bother you for age is only a number. Your fantasy is to stay young forever...At least young at heart.

You dream about serious family issues. You are obsessed with being the perfect parent and perfecting the home life. Your fantasy is to have a totally organized mansion with paid help to run it.

You dream of constant higher learning. Each lesson you learn or person you meet is a stepping stone to more knowledge and the next level. Your fantasy is to reach enlightenment.

You dream about the pride felt when overcoming problems. You are known to set up these challenges yourself. Your fantasy is to meet a challenge worthy of your intelligence.

You have altruistic dreams. Your goal is to help people in your life. You are a social foundation for people and you find yourself going above and beyond the call if you find the cause worthy. Your fantasy is to save the world.

You dream of becoming the next Einstein. Those who don't have sexual dreams for Scorpio is the most sexual sign. No problem or challenge is too difficult for you. The more challenging the more attention you give to accomplish a solution. You have an uncanny drive for success. Your fantasy is to invent something you will be remembered for.

You dream of the lack of identity as a child that led you to where you are today. Once you are done analyzing you are comfortable with your life. You are convinced that if you are happy everyone will fall in suit, if not, that's their problem. Your fantasy is to convince the world to think as you do.

You dream about new ways to succeed. Especially is business where you can be powerful and even ruthless. Your dreams are almost always money related. Your fantasy is to be in the top ten of the Fortune 500 Club.

You have odd dreams. Your mind is so creative you can't focus on one idea at a time...even when you sleep. You have so many ideas flying around in your head at one time that messages get scrambled and you have difficulty holding on to just one thing. your fantasy is to sort through all the genius ideas in your head and make them known to mankind.

You dream of creative arts. You have performance flowing through your veins. Follow your dreams and take the chance for you "are" as good as you think you are. Your fantasy is to become an actor, dancer or to have your name in lights through some theatrical or musical career.


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