Oculatum is not a book. Therefore this cannot be a book review. Oculatum is an experience. It is an all-encompassing experience designed to increase your awareness and at the same time improve your powers of concentration.

Based on the principle of choices, this unique system of individual growth renders the participant somewhat in awe of what is actually happening. As you move through your day to day living, with the strength of Oculatum's words in your mind, you begin to understand that with each piece of knowledge it gives you, you grow stronger with the awareness.

When I received Oculatum for review, I had no idea what to expect. Something unique from the description I'd read. I read the introductory material and began my journey. This could only be called a journey, for you don't sit and read Oculatum as you would a book. You experience it. You live it. And it begins from the very first choice you make. There are ever only two. With the simplicity of those two choices, you learn. The impact of your choice follows you throughout your day. As you repeat the words over in your mind, you realize that the clarity those words bring you is so simple, so pristine, yet you never before really focused on the principle they now impart.

The increased awareness of my thoughts and their direction is the most crucial gain in the "Oculatum experience." Each day, I begin my choices. I take Oculatum in hand and choose. Revealed to me are words that will set this day apart from any other. Words that will repeat themselves over again in my mind. Words that could and have solved other choices I've faced.

For any willing wanderer on a path to enlightenment, Oculatum will provide council, like a wise old Mage. Stern yet yielding in the face of effort. Demanding commitment of your inner self. It is like a well deep inside you is tapped of its knowledge, laying it before you in print. Some small but impacting phrase that you knew all along. Oculatum hands these sage words to you, yielding everything and nothing at once. A grand piece of knowledge, a spiritual key that fits a lock you will face shortly. Without fail, this wonderful method of choices gave me keys that I did not even know I needed.

Oculatum needs no belief from you, nor any change in your belief structure. It merely Is. You use it and gain. The instructions are simple. Incredibly simple. You open Oculatum, you make your choices for that day and you will grow. Being a seeker most of my life, I can honestly say that the experience of Oculatum will probably not end for me. It gives me a tool, an advantage. A few brief words. Yet in those words rings the deep tones of knowledge.


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