Witchcraft and Magic

What is magic?

Having been Wiccan now for several years and have had this same conversation with Wiccans, Pagans and many people of alternate religions the question always poses as a great discussion. What is Magic? Does it exist? And ultimately, can we use it to better our lives?

Magic, to witchcraft, is like prayer to Christianity. When someone performs magic in witchcraft they are moving energy, forming energies around them and sending them on their way to their purpose. Each and every one of us are energy beings. Energies are abundant around us and they reside in almost anything that you see: rocks and crystals, herbs and plants, animals, humans and every living thing. Wiccans, Pagans and anyone creating and performing magic use energies around them to create a power that has been infused for a specific purpose. It is then molded and released towards its goal.

Many find it a helpful way to take control of certain aspects of their lives. Others find it comforting to be able to help others in healing exercises.

The art of making magic is a very personal thing. From the actual idea of a spell or ritual to candle color and which herbs one will use and burn, the magic is forming. Magic starts off as an idea and is formed and molded in the mind with the use of energies. The finale is the actual spell or magic itself.

No one understands why magic works, but ask thousands who have healed, fought off evil or protected their homes and families through the magic of spell work and ritual; it does work. If performed correctly, magic can bring about exactly what it was created for. This in itself is a wonderful thing. I donít believe for a second that magic should be used just in witchcraft. In this time of struggle and strife in the world, should we leave our lives to chance and luck? I believe that pushing things to move in a certain direction can be a great benefit to us all be it a search for a new love, job, home, or to purify the body and heal. How can this be bad? We are ultimately striving to control our lives in a positive direction. We are using the energies around us and in us that many people ignore to protect and guide ourselves and our loved ones.

Maybe we should ponder more on these questions. Imagine if we all took such positive actions in our own lives. Maybe we could change the course of our lives for the better and move in a direction that would benefit us rather than sitting stagnant and not knowing which way to go.

Magic is not just for Wiccans, Witches and Pagans anymore, it is for all of you out there who believe you can have a say in which direction your life goes. Imagine where the magic could lead you.

Happy magic

Jacqueline S

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